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How to pick a Wedding cake?  Well, a wedding cake is really simply a reflection of your love story, personality, culture and/or wedding theme.  Take a peek at my designs below, each one was specifically unique to the couples it was made for, each telling an individual story.  

Contact me today to let me help you create your vision and tell your story with CAKE!

Tiered Wedding Cakes
Single Cake & Cupcakes
2 Tiered Cake & Cupcakes
3 Tiered Cake & Cupcakes
Single Cakes / Just Cupcakes
**RMC Cake Creations - Rachael Code - is not responsible for any allergies that may occur from the consumption of her baked goods - as products used in RMC Cake Creations cakes/cupcakes may contain soy, dairy products, almond extract, and/or traces of nuts or other allergens.**